Add "Select All" Option in Mirrored Column Selection

Can we please add a “select all” option so that all tasks within a group and board can be selected. Currently I need to go back periodically to check if any tasks have been added. The hope is that this would make it so any newly added tasks would automatically be selected in the future.

My company 100% need this too Brett!

Here’s our breakdown of this feature request in the desired monday format posted 19 days ago. Let’s get this feature!

  • We are a creative agency focusing on video creation. We onboarded to, we are enterprise customers. We were sold on this platform and want to gain a lot from it, we plan to step away from Asana, Core, Google sheets, and other platforms for Monday.
  • We have about 50 projects at any time, some days 10 projects can come in or out, lots to keep up to date, so this mirror item connecting process takes sooo many clicks. It takes 50 clicks or more on some boards, and x10 projects that’s 500 clicks. We don’t need to be paid to click, it’s 2023, let’s get a select all button please!
  • To fix this would greatly speed up our planning of resources, our daily meetings would run faster, our team could plan better, people won’t be over worked, schedules won’t conflict, it be huge.
  • We are trying the team work around mentioned in this thread, but it will stack all items without clear person devision, so we’d much rather keep the rows in the widget to be by person, but want the function of filtering out some people for some views/ widgets.
  • Really hope this can be solved! We pushed hard to sell Monday to our executives, and this is a plank in their eyes. Thanks!
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Yes please!!!
This would help a ton.

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Help us Monday! Thanks!

This mockup is beautiful. If this were only so!