Add separator line between columns/ change column border thickness

I would like to suggest a small quality of life improvement for boards; the ability to set the border of a column to be ‘thick’ or ‘thin’. By for example right clicking the border and selecting the option in a drop down menu. This would give us an intuitive way of grouping columns of data which are related to one another, and makes it much easier, especially on larger boards, to see which data belongs to what.


The example below is a snippet from a hypothetical Services Overview board, where one can keep track of data regarding which services will be deliver to clients. There are checkboxes for showing which parts of a service they need, then a link to the specific service onboarding item with the onboarding status mirrored. Each services would expand the board with another set of checks and a link to the specific onboarding board and mirror the status.

In this example; the thicker column border would enable enable the viewer to clearly see which checkmarks belong to which connected services column

Agreed!!! And/or being able to permanently do color formatting for columns.

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