Add sum of a group column to an item on a different board

I am looking to add a column sum from a group on one board and add it to an item on a different board.

We are an electrical contractor and we track our contract amounts, hours projected, hours used as well as all change orders.

We are currently tracking across 3 different boards.

I am trying to find a way to track the sum of the total change order amounts added to a board that lists all of our contracts so we have updated contract amounts. I need to then divide that total updated contract by the total number of used hours to get a revenue per man hour.

I cannot figure out how to get the sum of one group to a different board.

Hey @iwiretech
You can do that with General Caster app.

Thanks for that quick response! I had it downloaded previously thinking it would the solution, but I am not seeing anything on General Caster that allows adding the entire sum of a column on one board to an item on another board. Am I missing something there?

Sorry, I thought you were talking about mirrored or subitems columns. In that case you can use a function in General Caster.
Calculations base on values contained in multiple items are not supported.

Hi @iwiretech - did you manage to progress with this? We would like to do the same thing. thanks!

Hey @iwiretech and @ghunter have you tried connecting the items in the board? you can do this and add a mirror column on the connected board to get a sum of the hours spent, you could do the same for the third board and create a formula in the main board to divide by the sums of the connected/mirrored items.

managing all those connections can be a bit tedious, but if you have a unique id or name you can use the ‘match’ automations to automatically connect items between boards.

Hope that helps!

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I ended up reworking my entire system. Instead of having a different board for each contract, I created a single board with contracts being items and the change orders being sub items. And then I added subitem column summaries and used those numbers in my formulas!

Hello Rob, I am trying to us General Caster to take the sum of a column, shown in a mirrored cell on another board, but General Caster is not recognizing the mirrored cell for use. I know mirrored cells aren’t able to be used in native automations, can you clarify how to utilize mirrored cells in General Caster automations?

Hi, @Jmiller1
Please take a look at documentation at