Add users as Subscribers of an Item

Hello Community, we developed a web form using the API and are able to submit successfully.
We assign the user who sent the request in the “Requested By” column (which is a Person Type)
However we noticed that in the Item’s subscriber list -the user who sent the request is not there. The only user there is the user whose API key we used.

Is there a way to add through the API the person who sent the request as the subscriber as well?

fthank you

Hi @wellingtonaltus, welcome to our community!

At this time, I’m afraid that there’s not a way to add a subscriber to an individual item, only to a board.

As such, I’ve moved this to our Feature Request section and submitted this internally as feedback for our team’s consideration.

I will update here once the feature has been added. Thank you!

Hello @Helen
Thank you for your response.
If we add the user as a subscriber to the entire board, will the user get notifications for tasks that they did not submit/create?

Hi @wellingtonaltus!

No, in this case the users will not.

However, you can utilize our native automations to send out the necessary notifications. For instance, each time a new item is created, you can utilize this automation to send out a message to the relevant individual added to the People column:

You can also create this recipe that will notify the same relevant individual in the People column every time an Update is posted for that item:

I would definitely take a look at the “Notifications” section of our built-in automations to find the one (or even multiple) that works the best for you and your team.


Thanks for mentioning the native Automations, @Helen
We sometimes forget they exist when deep in the API

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Is it possible for these native notification automations to trigger an email similar if the user was a “Subscriber” ? We can only seem to be getting the in-app notifications

Thank you

Hi @wellingtonaltus,

I get it! I’m the same way working with our API haha.

Users are able to get email notifications depending on their notification preferences set in their profile settings area. For instance, I think this one could help?