Add Users to Boards and OPTIONALLY Notifying Them + Custom Message in Invites

Hey Monday Community!

It would be super nice for us to be able to add users to boards without them automatically being notified.

We can (painfully) turn off their notifications at each and every user level (if the person subscribing them to the board has admin rights even), and then (painfully) add them back, but when you are working on a “plan”, and want to plot people into the plan and do some review and pre-work, before discussing it with them (OR sharing the board) - they may not even know they’ll be on the project, it is very silly to send them an invite TO said board.

It would be great if sending a notification during invitation (much like sharepoint let’s you deselect the email) could be OPTIONAL, thus allowing us to choose when the invite goes out by Monday (with less than perfect timing), or via a link in an email where we have control over the messaging.
Also, while I’m on that… would be REALLY nice if when we do use email (both subscribing to board, and inviting to Monday), if we could type a short message indicating context and supporting the invitation (especially helpful if we were to share outside our organization - which we’d like to do eventually - for real collab).

Our current workaround is to build a temporary text column, and plot names in it until the board is shared. This not only makes for extra work, but it means that we can’t utilize any dashboards/reporting elements that support resource utilization, because it’s no longer a people field.

EDIT (ADD) > A potential alternative option might be - Allow us to use people on boards they are not subscribed to, and even as I add this - I see value for internally working on management level organizational data where people fields add value, but can’t be used because the people are not part of the leadership group needing to see that data about them.

Anyone else struggle with this one?! Chime in… Thanks!

I totally agree with this request!

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That would be really helpful and allow a more flexible approach to how we add people to boards:
1/ simple add and turn off notification
2/ personalised notification if needed

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We face this dilemma every time we create a board. Monday assumes everyone in the People column, with Notifications activated, needs to know immediately.

We often set up boards in draft mode for later review. Later we go “live”.

Currently we have to omit adding people so they don’t get false notifications or tell them to ignore the notification.

For us the immediate solution could be Draft Mode (no notifications) and Live (or Published) Mode for boards (everyone gets notified).

That would be perfect for planning.

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That’s a great approach @JohnW - the draft would prevent you from shutting off (pausing) automations related to notifications as well, which is another part of the issue here.

It would not solve the fundamental “let us use people fields without the people being subscribed to the board” issue, but it’s another really great function that would be helpful!!!

Yep. :+1:t2:

I’ve used “Draft/Live” features in other software. Works great.

Would be an excellent addition to Monday. Let’s see if they feel it’s compelling enough to add to the roadmap.