Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

Instead of a paid solution I would rather be able to CTRL-Z for free :wink:

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Hello Timo, The lack of this feature in monday is precisely what the app aims to effectively address.
Anyway, CTRL-Z typically enables you to undo an action immediately after it’s performed rather than at a time of your choosing.

Well, the “x” icon that clears the value of a cell when you hover over it and accidentally click leaves nothing in the activity log. So there’s not even a manual undo for it. I’m baffled by this design choice.

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Can we address this please!!! We have accidentally deleted data in cells so many times because it is just too easy to click on the X icon to delete the data and there is no way to UNDO or retrieve the lost data in the activity log. This would be a game changer for us.

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How is this possible! this is absolutely ridiculous. Just lost a phone number that I accidently deleted with the “x” soooo stupid.

Hi @cynthiacorley7 @rigwell, You can use the LogBack, which allows the undo of a variety of actions on the board.
You can even undo actions that took place before you install the app.

Click here to try :slight_smile:

I don’t want to install a new app - I would like to have a simple “undo” action (control + Z) that is an instant undo. Not a popup that disappears after one minute. The app sounds great for larger items that you’ve deleted in the past, but if I accidentally delete a column, I shouldn’t have to log into a DIFFERENT app to simply undo the delete. Right?

Oh wow. Just tried the app - it doesn’t even do what you say it does. I can’t undo “column deleted.” Please - just stay simple. Control + Z please.

Hi Everyone! Going to merge this with our existing thread about the topic where you will be able to see updates about the feature! Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

I am using large data in It looks like something can be undone, producing a green notification at the top to undo within a minute. However, if I change the content in a cell, I cannot undo this! It means if I make a mistake eg type the wrong text into the wrong row, I loose the original data forever!

I currently take regular exports of my board so I have a previous version but undo is a very basic ability that all programs have…


Yes this is the same request, apologies I didnt find it when I searched. I have voted for this now, many thanks

Kind regards

Tanya Barad Chambers

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Hi Tanya,

Consider using LogBack, an application that easily allows you to restore your board activities.

Check out our new version we published today :slight_smile:

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