Adding guests to teams

Hey team! Does anyone know how to add guests into different teams?

Would be great to have it a feature!



Can’t be done currently based on the info in Monday Support articles.


Thank you! I will add it as a request :slight_smile:

Include a reason for adding it. Specifically why you would find it useful. Helps the Monday devs prioritise their workload.

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The new Viewers user type allows people to be added to teams but doesn’t give any edit privileges. Hopefully this means Guests will be able to be added to teams too as we’d love the feature.

Hey @Krishele @JohnW @ElenaK that’s correct at the moment guests can’t be added to a team. I’d love to get more insight here to share with our team. Can you let me know a use case for this in your workflow or how this would help your workflow? What does a team consist of in your workflow?

Let me know and I’d be happy to share this with our product team! :slight_smile:

We have a few of our Sales Reps set up as Guests so they can edit boards related to their team projects. We don’t need them to be a full user as they’re not responsible for setting things up. However, it would be nice to be able to include them in a group for ease of mentioning or notifications via automations.


We would love this feature too. Sometimes we have guests who need to be across information just in case someone is away and rather than tagging 4 people it would be good to utilise teams to manage this. Or perhaps an external party or department may have access to a board and wouldn’t be using the board any other way except to obtain information.
I think we would use the tags much more and have a much faster reply rate if this was possible.

This is a feature of Wrike, which I’ve moved from. Let’s say that you need multiple people to share a board with or multiple people to add to a task. This happens all the time. For example, we have a high-level board with projects, a detailed board with the actual project delivery, another board with special projects. In all cases, we are adding multiple people to the board AND the tasks.

In wrike, you can either add a “group” or an individual to a task or project. This makes sense. Example:

Client - Group: Executives
Client - Group: Subject-Matter Experts

It is time consuming and inefficient to add every person individually. If we could add either, it would save so much time.

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