Adding "mailto" capability to the Web Link column

Would be fantastic if we could add “mailto” in this column instead of just a web URL. For example, we have a broadcasted board listing all our upcoming education programs. In the majority of cases, there is a registration page to link to but from time to time, we just have an email to work with. For now, I just have “http://#” in the Web Address field and the actual email in the Text to Display field. As you can see, being able to click that link and send an email would be much better.

Hey Tara,

Have you tried the email field? Could you send a screenshot of your board setup so I can see what you mean exactly? You can obviously put a dummy email and contact details there :slight_smile:


We currently use the “dummy” method and don’t want to add an additional column for email since it’s need would be few and far between. The challenge with the dummy method is that … some of people can’t figure out why clicking on it doesn’t open an email. :wink: