Adding Qualifier to Emails and Activities Automation

Hi, I’m currently trying to set up this automation:

To also include the “only if response is not responded qualifier” that’s in this automation.

Is this possible?

Hey Ethan,

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to add conditions or customise our emails and activities app recipes at this stage. That said, are these 2 different status columns that you’d like to include in the recipe?

Hi Bianca, no, it is the same status column. Essentially, I am trying to update their response status to responded when receiving an email. But, I do not want people who have already booked to be changed to responded as well if they send an email later on.

Hi Ethan, I’d like to understand the use case so I can point you in the right direction. Could you please elaborate on why you want to do it this way?

I think I explained it above, but I have a board with potential clients. When they respond to my email, I want to move them to a section that is responded. However, there is another status option that is “survey booked” once they book with me. I do not want these individuals to get moved back into responded if they send me another email.