Adding single users is needed

We have 30 users currently and just added a new member to the team. This felt like great news but we cannot justify adding 10 extra seats for an entire year when we will only be using one. It’s outrageous and completely unnecessary to pay almost an extra £2k for one user. Most software allows you to add single users freely, paying for the amount you use feels logical and fair. We simply cannot sign off budget to add extra licences if we’re not going to be using most of them so it’s a real sticking point on whether we are able continue, which seems such a shame.

It’s also silly that when you’re on annual, to add more seats you have to pay for another year which resets your annual billing date. It would be much better to pay a pro-rata fee for the extra seats from now, until your annual renewal date. Then when you’re billing date arrives you pay for those extra users for an entire year. This is how it works with almost all other software I’ve used over the years. We can’t just pay up for a full year again and again when we want to add more users as we have budgets to work within.

We’re happy with the software and it seems such a shame that these pricing issues are getting in the way of us growing our team in the software. Please look into this Monday as we’d have to have to leave because we’re being forced to pay for user licences we won’t use.

Hey Jack, thank you so much for your honesty and feedback.

We really do appreciate hearing your thoughts on our pricing model and experience with our platform. We are passing along your perspective to our team but in the meantime, I was wondering if your team had tried utilizing free Guest seats on your plan.

I completely understand this is not ideal, but many organizations find that a smaller plan size and using the free Guest seats allows them to cut costs on the monday subscription.

This doesn’t solve the problem but we’d love to know if this might be helpful in the meantime. Please do let us know! :pray: