Adding single users is needed

I’m an entrepreneur, starting a business alone. It will be a while until I am able to hire any help. It is precisely for this reason that I am searching for a project management tool that allows me to set up dependencies and automations. As one person wearing all the hats, I want to be able automate as much as humanly possible.

With this and some of my other requirements, Monday fits the bill for the most part. I was a bit frustrated to find that the pro plan was required in order to run automations and dependencies, given that I’m still at the setup stage and not wanting to have too many expenses, but I decided that the investment was worth it. Until I discovered that there aren’t ANY paid plans available for anything less than 3 seats.

Wth Monday? It’s a pretty awful way to treat small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. I’ve seen excuses that Monday is designed for collaboration, but come on, all project management has collaboration capabilities. It is still a powerful software to use with no collaboration at all.

Please reconsider your attitude toward small businesses, and try to remember that small businesses grow into big businesses. When I spend time an effort setting up workflows in a different project management tool, when the time comes to upgrade the amount of seats it’s pretty unlikely I’ll migrate to this service. Why would you want to bias people against your software like this…?

I running a hobby alone, and I am fine with the free plan. I don’t need too much. The only thing that I miss is the Gantt chart.

Given that this is the only thing I need of the paid plan, I would gladly pay 10€/Month to upgrade and get it - I don’t really need any other additional features - but I won’t pay 30€/Month only because I need a Gantt in addition to what the free plan currently offer.

If they add the possibility of adding ONE seat only I think they would get my subscription. Otherwise, no, sorry. Unless they won’t add Gantt charts in the free plan :smiley:
My workaround now is to use Date column to remark deadlines and give up a visual representation of timelines.