Adding time to an SLA date, but skip weekends?


I’ve got this formula where we want to automatically set an SLA based on the date of the request

FORMAT_DATE(IF({Type}=“Clause / Endorsement”, ADD_DAYS({Date Logged},4),ADD_DAYS({Date Logged},10)))

However I need this to skip ahead to the following Monday if it lands on a Saturday or Sunday. Any idea how to achieve this?


This may be better achieved with automations, which set an actual date column, and includes an ability to do 10 business days - skipping weekends. But there are still some gotchas. Is the Clause / Endorsement set initially when the item is created or changed later?

The main reason is you won’t be able to create other automations that send alerts, change statuses, etc. when the SLA is breeched when its a formula column. Formulas are essentially useless except for seeing a value on the board in the browser.

Hi Olly,

If you ever find having the result in a formula column limitating because you can’t use it in automations, calendar, etc., you may want to look at the Advanced Formula Booster. In it, you’ll find a section to indicate which week days are working days and a year calendar to enter holidays. Then you can use the ADDWORKINGDAYS function to skip both weekends and holidays.

The Advanced Formula Booster does not use the formula column, therefore your calculated date will be written in a date column that you can use any way you want, contrarily to the formula column.

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