Additional actions in-app purchase

My team and I have been using for a 2-3 months now. I started with a free account, then gradually upgraded to Basic 5 users, then Basic 10 users, then Standard 10 users.
As part of the learning curve, I’ve just got to the stage, when I’d like to explore the wonderful world of automation. However, I’ve noticed that the Standard account only has 250 actions/month. Which gets chewed up really fast. And I’ve used up all of my allowance months in advance, so I can’t try any automations at all until August or so.
I find there’s a big jump from Standard to Pro with 250 vs 25,000 actions. I wouldn’t need all the features (and can’t justify the costs to my company) of being on the Pro, but 250 actions/month is just not enough. Where I am at now 2500-5000/month would be sufficient.

I’d like to request the possibility to purchase additional actions, kind of like an “in-app purchase”. Or create a Standard+ plan with more actions. Whatever is more simple and easier/faster to implement.

Is there any way to find out if this is sitting in the queue somewhere, or would I need more upvotes for it to be considered?