addMultiBlocksFromHtml does not work


I’m trying to follow the addMultiBlocksFromHtml api method documentation to add a doc block to a workdoc but I have the following error:

Error: “addMultiBlocksFromHtml” execute command isn’t available or supported for this app feature type.

Is not supposed to be supported for workdocs? Or what am I doing wrong? I just took the example provided in the documentation.



Hi @gorkagallo,

Sorry for the confusion! We have a handful of SDK methods that are only supported by a few app features that will be soon released, and addMultiBlocksFromHtml is one of them.

I’ve updated the document to reflect this! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Feel free to reach out with any other questions :smiley:


Hi @rachelatmonday,

I think that you have also an error in the API documentation about the create_doc_block method (Document blocks). There you put an example in javascript of the request but it does not work if you don’t remove the “” from “normal_text”, at least for me, so it should be:

let query = 'mutation { create_doc_block (type: normal_text, doc_id: 1234567, after_block_id: "7f8c145-989f-48bb-b7f8-dc8f91690g42", content: \"{\\\"alignment\\\":\\\"left\\\",\\\"direction\\\":\\\"ltr\\\",\\\"deltaFormat\\\":[{\\\"insert\\\":\\\"new block\\\"}]}\") { id }}';