Address book for Emails & Activities

When creating an email from “Emails & Activities”, there are no address book connected to it so you can select the recipients. Or an ability to create a custom group if you want to send to a certain group of people. Or be able to look up a board that contain all contact details of our freelance workers. It relies on your memory of your contacts’ email addresses. Now this feature is going to be a paid for add-on, so I truly hope they will offer a more sophiscated widget in the end. Does anyone have any tips for this?

Hey Tony,

To be sure I am across your end goal here, when sending emails from the E+A App, you’d instead like to be able to choose from a dedicated address book within the app, as opposed to populating the email that appears in email column? If this is the case, I like this idea and can direct this request to the relevant team :slight_smile:

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Yes, you got my drift there. I would like to be able to send emails to people using information from the board but not necessarily all of them because of GDPR. We utilise a pool of field workers and would love the ability to send partial information tentatively before assigning the available field worker to this assignment. Much thanks