Address dropdown

Add a dropdown to the address column.

My clients request work to specific locations. The address column is essential to us as it directly opens apple maps and gives my staff directions to get there. It works great in our workflow!

However, clients often misspell addresses or type Street instead of avenue and my staff ends up lost.
I added all addresses in a dropdown column and all errors are avoided, however, the dropdown column does not provide directions and I have ended up retyping every address in the address column.

It would be very handy if the address column supports dropdowns.

Mario G.

Hi @MarioG,

Thanks for the suggestion! I guess you’re referring to the location column? And when you say dropdown, do you mean like with the text column where, if the address has been used before, it would suggest it?

Just want to make sure I get it :wink:

Hi Julia,
Mm , not quite.
I noticed that some addresses (2 or 3 ) are remembered and suggested by the column.
It would be very handy if the addresses support drop downs. Like the drop down column where you input values and the user can only select from that list; the list is fully populated even if a guest hasn’t personally use that address before.
Thank you for the response.