Advanced Filters for Dashboards + greater Control about Advanced Filters

Hi monday-team,

I would be really happy about two changes for filters:

  1. give us the option to combine “and” and “or” filters. So far when changing this dropdown it changes for everything.
    However I would like to be able to do for example the following:
    Filter everything assigned to person A with status X OR assigned to person B with status Y
    This should not include person B with status X and vice versa.

  2. include these advanced filters in dashboards. Even without the change in combining “and” and “or” this would greatly improve the use of dashboards, as I understand the current filtering is always an “or-condition”

Thank you for your replies!

+1 ON THISSS Onee , its a must-have

100% agree to this! Hope to consider this asap.


Alternatively, or in connection with, would it be possible to provide “dashboard/filter” level access to guests? Instead of subscribing them to entire boards, they would only see the filtered information displayed on the dashboard?

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