Aggregate reports

Hi there,

We need to be able to generate aggregate reports from across all, or many, boards on Monday. Our primary use-case for this is to enable us to report on activities that we have completed either for one client or many.

For example, I need to be able to generate reports that show me:

  • which tasks / sub-tasks for Client X were marked as Done in the last month - across all boards for that client.
  • which tasks / sub-tasks User Y completed in the last month - across all boards
  • how much time User Y worked on all projects (tasks and sub-tasks) for Client X

At the moment I am unable to generate such reports natively and there also appears to be no integration with external reporting tools such as Google Data Studio that would enable me to readily extract and report on this information either.

How is anyone else achieving this?

Hi @sharvey, Simon

Interesting use case. From your description I understand that you need a number of relationship that are not currently maintained in

  • if you say “…across all boards for that client” you need to know somehow which boards belong to that client
  • same for user, how do you envision to “map” data from one board to another

I solved this (partly I guess) by developing an app Rollup Multiple Boards (see This apps builds and maintains relationships between boards (kind lik master-detail relationships) and I am looking to see if I can extent the app with a cross board search capability.

It would probably take a value (say “Client X”) from either a recipe or a column/item in a masterboard and aggregates data into that row in the Master board.

If you are interested, please send me a DM so I can have a look if my vision is in line with your needs.

HI Bas,
Thanks for the follow-up. To answer your questions:

  • if you say “…across all boards for that client” you need to know somehow which boards belong to that client

I would envisage that we have some way of just saying “report across these boards” in much the same way as the new dashboards allow. That way, we just manually select the boards for each cient.

  • same for user, how do you envision to “map” data from one board to another

This is usually less of an issue as for users it’s everything within a certain workspace that we’re looking to aggregate. e.g. I want to see all hours that User X worked on customer projects.

The other aggregation would be similar to the previous answer, in that I envisage selecting multiple boards and then being able to report on the hours (or any other number field) per user within those boards.

What you’ve got in RMB looks really interesting. to solve out use-case it would need to be able to pull out rows per user or per month so that numbers can be aggregated over a period. Something like "Watch this number in connected boards and aggregate detailed board items to this column of the first item in this group, displaying this value with this operation. Create a new item every time period.|


Hi @sharvey,

Screenful integrates with Monday and can produce these reports out-of-the-box. You can select multiple boards and there’s a mapping tool in case they have a different workflow. You can also use any of your number fields as the unit in the reports. You can learn more at:

There’s a free trial so you can give it a try.

hi @sharvey

What you described is something what I am working on as an extension for RMB. Where RMB rolls up columns in different connected boards) the new extension (probably called Lookup for RMB) will take a value in the higher level board (the needle) and look across all connected down-level boards (the haystack). It will then aggregate all found values into a single item. A recipe sentence could look like this:

Search all connected boards for this value and aggregate the data found this column to this column

I am sure the recipe will change while designing in more detail but generally speaking it will do a lookup across multiple connected boards.