Aggregate value of items based on a connected column

Hello all, I am customizing the CRM template and need help setting up the following:
I have two board “Invoices” and “Contracted”. They have several columns connected. I would like to create a column called “invoiced” on the Contracted board that shows the amount that has been already invoiced (Ie: If the total contract value is 10.000 and two invoices for amount of 3.000 and 4.000 have been sent, I would like a column on Proposals next to Proposal value showing 7.000 invoiced)

For that, I need a way to agregate the Column “invoice Value” of all items on “invoice” that are connected to the same item on the connected column “Contracted” and show that value on a column called invoiced on the “Contracted” board.

A bit complex but I’m sure it has been done by somebody before. Any ideas?

Hi William,

This is perfect use of the connection feature.

You should be able to just create a Mirror column, point it to the “Invoices” connection, and then select the “Amount” column on the Invoices board. You can then choose how this data should be aggregated for connected items (“show summary as:”). You need to select “Sum”.

Hope that helps.

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Excellent, that worked just perfect. Thank you so much, I feel I almost had it, thank you for the last push on the right direction.

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