All my tasks in one place | Change My Week to My Tasks

We need urgently to have a clear and SUPER BASIC overview of all the tasks in one place.

This would be easily solved if My Week didn’t compel us to view only the week filter. If we could customize the period or even have the option of no period.


Just wanted to flag that this is a request in motion right now: See & Update All Tasks From One Place - Feature requests/feedback - monday Community

Many of us have asked for this as well and they noted they are looking to release something this quarter. Join us over at the other thread in asking for this and to let the Monday team what would be useful :slight_smile:

*Edited for clarity


Super thanks for the update!! I’ll keep track there!
I’ve seen some similar requests but it’s been so long. More than a year! And it’s so simple to solve. It’s disappointing.

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