All Pulses across all boards in chronological order for any given period in the future

My Week/Home is great for a cross-board lookahead view of all tasks/pulses one week at a time.

How can we set it for our entire team for any date range into the future?

For planning, we would really like to view all pulses, in chronological order, for all team members at least 4 weeks ahead, day by day. But preferably any date range.

Monday Support suggested we use Search Everything but that does not allow us to sort chronologically so we can see all pulses for all team members day by day - rather than board by board.

Screenshot for our existing software, which we are replacing with Monday, below:

One of the strengths with our current software is the homepage shown below. We’d love to find some way of replicating this in Monday.



Hey John! This is great feedback. Currently, there isn’t a super easy way to do this so I’ll happily share this with our product team. This mockup is incredibly useful, thank you for taking the time to make it for us!!


I’d love to see this in a more compact version of My Week. There’s a lot of scrolling and wasted screen real estate at the moment.

Something like:



Awesome feedback John. I can definitely see how the UX could be improved for My Week and we’ll send this to our product team responsible for this feature for consideration!

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