Allow admins to administer ALL boards

Thanks Udi, I will be tasking this up with our customer rep as we were told repeatedly it wasn’t possible.


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Yes this seems like a no brainer. Please at the very least create the option to automatically set the admin as board owner when a board has no owners left, and when an owners account has been removed from the company account.

If an employee leaves a company or makes a mistake by leaving a private board the admin should be able to take over the ownership of the board, this prevents clutter and creates a failsafe to losing important data…

please put this on the roadmap or crate a new kind of admin that can at least see the board name and creator we can’t go on without knowing what’s is created and by Whom.

Hi Juliette,

can you please revise the decision and put this on the Roadmap? this function is necessary for admin to at least be able to see the Board created in the workspace even if it’s without the capacity to change anything , i Know you have this option in the Entreprise Plan , but we need it as well in the Other plans.

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Chiming in on agreement of this being an issue.

What seems the simplest option is another higher level ‘System Admin’ level of Admin function.
We utilise a dedicated, highly controlled system admin account set up for this purpose to manage all Integrations both using (a third party add on doing highly custom data automations) and internal automations. This account allows us the best control and security practice, HOWEVER limitations in require us to have this user manually subscribed to every single board we use (lucky 20-40 boards) and when we had an account issue and had to restore ALL access again it was terribly manual and caused all integrations to fail.

Very strange this is not standard feature, vote for getting it added.

Brett Costello

@Brett.Costello : The true issue here is that private boards cannot be seen by any user other than the one who created them. So the suggestion of adding a (self-created) ‘system user’ will not work, unless every single person in the organisation adds this system user to their own private boards (which they wont obsiously).

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Hi Everyone, Thanks for sharing your feedback. I met with the responsible product team and confirmed that these capabilities are available for enterprise accounts. To clarify:

  1. Admin awareness of shareable boards is indeed supported for enterprise accounts (admins can see such boards exist, but cannot access them if not invited)

  2. Admin board control capabilities without being board owners can be done for enterprise accounts, by contacting your representative. Due to legal and privacy policies this capability is only available when requested.

There are various factors and trade-offs that need to be taken when prioritizing permissions and every couple of months, our product team reviews our pricing policy, and user capabilities.

If you feel that this does not answer your request or have further ideas, feel free to open a new request.

Admins should be “Admins” and be able to “see” all boards, even private boards. If you’re worried about an Admin seeing data in a private board, they shouldn’t be an Admin in the first place.

Yes, our account Admin has the ability to be aware of a Private board, but unless they know what the name of the private board is, they will have a very difficult time finding it. Especially when an account has multiple workspaces and boards.