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we are working in a multi national program management environment with multiple projects running at the same time. In our weekly meetings we’re reviewing our milestones, risks & issues and see if they are on track. To fulfill this need, we have an automation in each project board that creates an item in a central board for each of the named topics (let’s stay with the Milestones-Board). So the Board reflects every Milestone of every project we have (one group reflects a project, one item is a Milestone created with automation within the project board). So we combine crucial information of more than 20 boards into one.

Now the issue is, that the data is not automatically in this board, because we can’t mirror from multiple project boards (all based on the same template). The project manager has to take care that e.g. the RAG Status or the Date is updated in the Project Board and the Milestone Summary.

So the requirements are:

  • Enable connection to multiple boards that are based based on a specific template in one column
  • Enable Mirroring from multiple boards into one high level board

I assume that this might be very helpful for many organizations that needs to provide top level reporting.

hi @NoPercentage

Welcome to the community. I have developed an app has the functionality very close to what you are describing here. The difference is that this app (Rollup Multiple Boards) takes an approach to create down-level boards (a project) from a monday template on status change. When these down-level boards (multiple different templates are supported) are created they are automatically linked to the item in the master board that created the down-level board.

Now you create recipes to aggregate data from all the down-level boards (no limit to the number of down-level boards) and the high-level boards shows information like:

  • what % of tasks in each down-level boards is completed
  • show the sum of all costs (or disks or anything else) items on the down-level boards
  • set a RAG status column depending on a status column in the down-level boards
  • show the full timeline (earliest start date - latest end date)

With an extension called Filter Multiple Boards you can filter all the down-level boards on matching people and/or dropdown columns.

More information can be found on 20|Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team and 25|Filter Multiple Boards | Excellent Team

Happy to discuss other needs that might fit this app.

I tried this, it doesn’t satisfy my need.


If I’m understanding this use case properly, you might benefit from a recent App added to the marketplace.

@Nir-Jetpack Can answer any questions better than I could.


I had this same problem in that I wanted to link many lower level boards to one Overview board and then select certain items to be mirrored in the Overview boards.

If you contact they can help. Deb there very kindly arranged for our to be set up so that it did just this. They were so helpful - just as I had got to the point where I was about to abandon for not being able to fulfill our needs - they stepped in and got it all working just as we needed. Now we can connect many lower level boards to our Overview board and choose which items to mirror in each line. Perfect!

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Thank you for the kind words @JPP - so glad we could help and you’re loving monday again! :heart_eyes: