Allow item name to be returned as a column_value

We modify the item name through a change_column_value mutation. We get the list of columns on a board - name is one of them. (boards.columns includes name)

Yet to retrieve an item name, we cannot query the name column, but instead must use to get the item’s name.

There are many reasons we might be sent a column id of “name” (since it is listed as a column!). Today we have to write code around this case - eliminate it from column lists in an app, or code specifically around “name” columns to get it, and then convert it to a column_value for use in an integration.

in summary, name is treated like a column for purposes of listing the board’s columns and mutating the name column, please let us query it as a column too

Hello there @codyfrisch,

Thank you for the explanation and the feedback!

I have created a request for this :grin: