Allow me to continue editing the item after automation occurs

I have a simple automation that will make an item move to another group when an update occurs. Is it possible to delay automation by seconds or minutes/hours?

Feature request - dont disappear an open item view if automation occurs. Move it in the background and allow me to continue working on the item

I was creating an update for an item and I had plans to take additional steps - Create a date, create tags etc. More stuff basically.

When I created the update the item disappeared from sight. (not the board view)

So I had to go locate the item in the destination group to continue taking action on the item.

It was a little disruptive. And before you say it - we can not change the order of which we action items (making the update very last) this is not a trainable item and is disruptive


I suppose, based on your description that you are currently using a custom automation like this:

If that is what you are referring to you could add a status column and change your automation to this:

Then add this additional automation: