Allow moving of item with subitems to a new board

Currently it’s possible to manually move an item that includes subitems to a new board, but the automation doesn’t support subitems. Please create an automation that keeps subitems when an item is moved to a new board!

Hi, looks like this might be fixed. We have one board where we dupliacte our “template” item… this has circa 50-80 subitems. Users fill in the item/project detials, and using the move item to board automation we move the item and all the subitems move too.
The destination board has the same columns in both items and subitems (actually we remove a few and add have added some others) but the move works.
We did this as the “Create” board hides the subitems away from endusers, and the move automation links to a couple of other boards in the backgound as well as waiting for subitems to be made before the move triggers.

Hope this helps.