Allow people to change their response in forms

I would like to allow people to change their response in some of my forms.
I would also like there to be an option for the person filling the form to receive an email acknowledging that they filled the form in optionally with a PDF of the form and a link to view it (and as per this suggestion- change their responses).

These are all options available on Google forms that I feel are basic requirements for an online form.

Hey @Rua!

Had you checked out the SuperForm app? This app is available via our marketplace and allows users to update existing items (/forms) with new data.

Let me know what you think :+1:

Thanks Bianca!
I will check it out.
Tbh I am trying to minimise the additional apps I need for my system so I am still hoping to sway to step up their game a little and further develop their native Work Forms.

These functions could very easily be built in. Less parts means less can go wrong and the more secure the system.

Hi again,
I have been testing out Super Form.
The function for editing responses is there but unfortunately there is only one link to edit any entry. So if I give the link to someone, they can then see and edit anyone’s responses. Obviously this is a problem and many levels… data privacy to start with.

It seems that this is designed for use internally and perhaps not for sensitive data.

Ah, I understand - thanks for this additional insight. I understand that this isn’t natively supported, so I encourage you to share this feature request around to increase visibility and votes. Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response, so keep the votes up and explore other feature requests you’d like to see brought to life :pray:

ok Thanks Bianca.
haha I also submitted a suggestion to move the vote button to underneath the posts as that is a more natural place to find it.
Also half the time the vote button doesn’t even appear for me…


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Thank you @Rua for bringing this to our attention! That’s a good suggestion that I will share with our community team. Please feel free to share any more of your community feedback - we want to make sure the community is as user-friendly as it can be for you all!