Allow search within monday_docssea

there is search function within board, and also a search function for the entire workspace. but there isn’t a search function to search within monday_docs.
monday_docs is super useful for jotting notes, meeting minutes but things could get quite lengthy overtime.
could you introduce this new feature for monday_docs please.

We are also super interested into the ability to do search of various or project specific Monday_Doc content.

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Same! I actually came over to the community here looking for this exact topic.

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Why is it called “search everything” if I can’t search docs… We have been taking extensive meeting notes in docs now just went to try to find a reference to something AND SEARCH DOESN’T WORK. That basically makes docs unusable. What the hell guys?

Agree that this is a much-needed feature. Here is a thread with more people requesting the same feature Search results include contents of Monday Docs