Alter only end date of timeline through API?

How do you alter only a start or end date (not both) for a timeline column through the api? I have tried not including the “from” parameter and only have “to”. I have tried using a wildcard (*) for the date value I do not want to change. I only need to change the “To” date. I don’t want to mess with the “from” date. Help please?

The API documentation makes it seem like you need both!? Why?
“To update a timeline column, send the start and end dates in a YYYY-MM-DD format, where the start date is “from” and the end date is “to”.” - “{“from”:“2019-06-03”,“to”:“2019-06-07”}”

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Hey @deceiver08 – at the moment you need to update both the start and end date if you’re updating the timeline column via the API.

If you’d like the timeline to represent a single date, you can send the same date for the start and end date parameters. Here’s what that would look like to a user in the UI:

If you want to not edit the start date, you will need to get the start date via the API and include that value in the data you’re passing to the column.