Alternate Gantt Tools?

Does anyone have an alternate to the Gantt in Monday while the bugs are being worked out? The timelines and dependencies are behaving erratically and unpredictably. Since there’s no “undo” or “back” button, once a timeline gets scrambled, there’s no way to see what it looked like before the error. I have to go through the activity log of every line to figure out what got changed, change it back, then recheck it all again… Very time consuming for projects with a hundred items or more!

I’d like to export the tasks to another program, that either has dependency functionality that works or an Undo button or both. MS Project, SmartSheets, MS Excel (although exporting to Excel requires lots of rework…)?

hi @Dolph

Did you have a look at the Scheduler Pro app, to be found here: It is basically an alternative for the built-in dependencies and supports:

  • all 4 dependency types
  • lag and lead days
  • configurable workweeks
  • configurable holiday blackout days

Thank you Bas,

I would like to try this. My only concern is that the bugs that are currently in my Gantt tool / between task dependencies would still be in this.

I have a meeting today with the Dev team at to see if we can resolve at least the bugs that are causing the erratic / unpredictable behavior. If we can get that fixed, I’ll put some more time into another Monday related app. Otherwise I need to investigate a different program that’s more reliable…