Amazing new features on the board!

SO many amazing features…

*Conditional coloring
*Sorting columns
*Pin columns
*Item default values
*Group & board summaries
*New Advanced filter

Hey all!
We just wanted to make sure you are all aware of the recent incredible additions we added to the platform :slight_smile:

First, we redesigned the toolbar, to make sure you all get what you need faster and clearer.
We added a menu on its right corner for additional actions :slight_smile:

Let’s go over the cool features we have there…

1. Sort:
We added the ability to sort your columns from the toolbar as well. This is extremely convenient if you want to sort multiple columns and save.

Of course, you can still sort from the columns themselves.

2. New advanced filter:

You can filter your board using different variables!

Can be opened via monday.labs - Check out Ziv’s post about it from yesterday!

3. Pin columns:

You can now pin the columns you want to always stay pinned when you scroll right

4. Conditional coloring:

You can now apply formatting to cells that meet your defined criteria. This gives you the ability to visually emphasize or differentiate the data on your board.

Access it from the same toolbar menu:

and choose the color of the cells according to the conditions that you set!

More columns WILL be supported soon (formula, mirror, etc)
Read the article to learn more :slight_smile:

5. Item default Value:

Ever wanted to add an item on your board and to already have its pre-made values?
Now you can set up the pre-made default values:

6. Summaries Summaries Summaries!

Now you can see a summary of all your columns, groups, and entire board, on the board itself! It’s like having a dashboard on the board!

Collapse your groups and you will see the summary of all your column footers on the collapsed groups:

We hope you enjoy these new additions, and please let us know if you have any questions! As always, you can comment here or send us an email to


Awesome new features. Some of these look like small features, but will have a big impact. Thanks. I also like how you are pinning these updates to the top of the community feed.


Definitely some fantastic new features here. I’m not 100% convinced about the implementation of the Advanced Filter yet, but maybe it will grow on me.

The new Summaries are great. However, these really need to maintain visibility of column headings, particularly if all Groups are collapsed. Without the headings, the summary information can loose context and relevance.

Otherwise, it’s great to see the interface continuing to evolve.

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hey everyone! quick update regarding group and board footers. We realized they were causing some slowness on big boards with many items, so we decided to make it a “granted feature” which you can grant to yourselves via monday.labs

We are working on fixing this issue, and it will once again be released. In the meantime, if it didn’t cause you any issues, just activate it from your account. if you see that it is causing some slowness, just deactivate it