An improved app listing page!

An improved app listing page will be soon gradually released and will highlight apps values and content!
We’ve been conducting interviews with costumers, testing, designing, and consulting to create a new user experience for users in the marketplace. In that spirit we designed a new listing page for apps.
We wanted to make sure the page answered users’ most pertinent questions while considering installing an app

  1. What is the app value?
  2. What does the app do?
  3. Can I trust it?

We designed the page to address all these questions, without compromising a top-notch user experience!
Therefore, we organized all the information into three sections:

  1. Marketing - a top banner that provides a GIST of the app’s value and the most important information to users, to encourage them to keep on reading - with a bigger gallery since it’s the first thing users go to - want to see what it looks like? Check out this loom.

  2. Functionality - we gather all the information that will help users understand what the app actually do - capabilities, monday product areas they can find the app in, permissions, pricing, etc

  3. Informative - all the ‘dry info’ users might need in order to install and use the app - guides, demos, support, developer website, etcAcross all of it, we added scrolling down behavior (like on landing pages) to create a rich user experience .We tried to design an organized experience that answers all questions while being enjoyable and aesthetic.

#This is just the first phase, there will be more to come and we will keep you posted, so stay tuned.

So when? It will be released gradually so we can test users’ reactions to the changes. Having personally witnessed those changes, I believe we are aiming for new wins, and that makes me excited!


Can’t way to see the impact of this new page!

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Wow Looks great :star_struck:

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