Announcement: Introducing Subcategories!

Today we opened a few subcategories for our developer’s section to make it a one-stop shop for all things builders.

What does this mean for me?

You can help us with this transition in a few ways:

  1. Go into the new API Feature Requests category and vote for all the features you would like to see added. Voting on a feature will give us visibility into what features are highly requested so we can adjust our product roadmap.

  2. If you’ve commented on a feature request, please add a vote so we can track it more easily :slight_smile:

  3. If you have existing topics in the community, please move it to the relevant category if you can! Our team will also move topics to the subcategories in the coming weeks.

  4. If you’re opening a new topic, please add it to the relevant subcategory.

  5. If your topic was already moved by a moderator, you’re good to go!

What categories did we add?

We added a few subcategories and moved existing topics into them. We will add new subcategories as our developer’s community grows!

We added subcategories for specific topics:

  • monday Apps: for questions and feedback around the monday Apps Framework. This was originally a separate category, but we included it in the Developer’s section for more visibility.

  • API Feature Requests: for any feedback on our GraphQL API. Vote for the features you want to see!

  • API FAQs: for any questions regarding our GraphQL API.

Have feedback?

If you have any ideas for more categories, or need any clarifications, you can reply to this thread.

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