Any integration / app / workaround for Reporting item info to a PDF?

Hi, im sharing this need here because i dont know how to solve this:

In our company we have many process that requires to report some registers or forms as PDF.
By example: I have designed a board for record our employees security training, but legislations requires as output a record of this training, something like this:


So, i created a board where every ITEM is a training to do, and subitems are every employee with his data, and a status button to give every account to possibility to change the status to indicate his participation.

Till here everything more or less ok, problem is to try to make an PDF output to acomplish this requirements.

Without a form designer to report, the best i can do is this:

This doesnt matches our requirements-

So, there is any way inside Monday / integration with another platform / App to be capable of:

Put the pulse info in a form an design this as i need?
Put our company logo?
Export to PDF
Have better print options to configure the output
Email this report with the pulse and subpulse information via automation/integration.

@basdebruin any App solution!??!?!

hi @hlopezvc

Not that I am aware off, interesting idea though to do kind of integration between monday and a form builder. Which form builder would be your preference?

Hi @basdebruin
Its a form builder concept but not for sending forms (so as not to confuse the forms or google forms). The concept is something like de Ms Access report designer.
You can setup a report header (with the company logo), a page header with all the information, a report footer, you are free to place to fields (columns) wherever you want.


This (if this can do internally from monday or a view app) will provide a custom experience for users and can be used too for edit or put new pulses on the board.

But the main use case is to report, or printing the pulse information in a professional way.

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@hlopezvc, are there any existing platforms that make documents in the format you mentioned above? How do you create these records now? I’d be curious to see if the existing platforms have connections with through Zapier or Integromat :slight_smile:


I really dont know, we are jumping with you at 4.0 technologies, before Monday we were (and we still are) using local software made here in Argentina.- As an ISO 9001 certified company we have tons of records, forms to show, export o print. Im the admin for my company and everything you launch as new im in charge of analize and implement them.

But the problem is always the same, working online with monday is perfect, but when you need to go out and report for example a single board, making a report, customizing the way to enter the data in the boards antes de imprimir.

So, going back to your question, i dont know any other platform to integrate. Sorry but im old school (Access forms design era), thats why i ve put this capture to see what we want to achieve. Example if i want to print a report of a board with all his subitems, first i cant print subitems because they dont print iterated, and the i cant even have the chance to include my company logo on it.-

The chances to perform a professional report, or make a good impresion/report are low.

Is this still something that you need?

I’ve been working on a set of Excel macros that does this kind of stuff with monday Excel export files. The biggest difficulty I see is incorporating the subitems. It wouldn’t be impossible, but way more work.


We have the same issue, currently we export to excel, use macros to import the data from then print to PDF. A direct export to our form from would be a game changer.

There are some new apps in the app marketplace but I have found they are not sufficient for our needs. I have also looked at Integromat / Zapier to no avail but that could be somewhat related to my lack of experience using Integromat and Zapier…if it is possible it is probably a laborious task to setup.

The fact that these types of apps are showing up in the app marketplace would indicate that there is a need by many for export to customize PDF.

We can only hope they are developed quickly.

I am looking for a way to export single items from a board ideally into a pdf. However, I would be fine with an excel export that looks ‘presentable’ to a client if that was possible. It seems to me, that you already explored the options of excel exports. Do you know if it is possible to export single items from a board? And if not, could you give me some more infos on how to write the marcos, to at least have the whole board exported to Excel in a structured way?


To export a single item:

  • Select the item by hovering over the item bar at the far left and click the checkbox when it opens.
  • Click “export” on the popup window.

I created a set of VBA programs to format monday Excel exports. You can see a video here:

I had started adding PDF processing including print formatting and emailing of reports. But, I stopped because our users don’t currently need it and although there seemed to be interest in the community, there was never any follow through after initial interest was expressed.