Any way to set an automation across an entire account?

Hi @jelitots - There is no firm ETA yet on when you will be able to set Automations across your account in one step. However, there is the ability already to set up Automations as templates: (58) PG Sales & Marketing —... which can save you considerable time. Save your most common automations and then quickly add them to new boards by scrolling to the very bottom of the automation library and adding with one click.

This is urgent. It is such a nuisance to do this every time!

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This would be so useful - Come On Monday - help us out!

Is there any update here? There are so many tedious issues with Monday that could SO easily be fixed

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Trying to follow this thread, has this solution been developed yet?

Hello Monday, any possibility for this central automations point to happen? We just started managing projects in Monday and have already over 50 WFs across different boards and many more to come.

It would be really helpful to have them all in once place and easily accessable.

Hi Team, is there an update on this yet? read through the several threads and saw there was supposed to be a release in 2022?

Aside the copy and pasting automation workflows, would indeed be nice to have a better Workflow automation interface as it’s almost impossible to see the details each rule that was set up.


Chipping my voice in here, this is a very highly needed feature. We manage 50+ projects with each project as a board that’s created by a template with automations pre-created. That works great until we decide we want to update the template… and have to manually re-create the automation 50 times.

This, or a revival of the old “Master Board” concept for dynamic template linking are very high priority for us.

Hi everyone,

Has there been any progress on this?

We currently handle many different projects which we have boards for that can be duplicated and copied across to a new project folder whenever a new project comes up.

I currently have 4 folders, each containing 10 boards, and 47 different automations per board. With no way to automatically save automations with specific details i.e. notify notes, or associated person, or save board automations as an “automation set” or “automation templates keeping information” I will manually have to create 1880 automations manually. Is there no way anyone knows of of how to keep a list of automations holding the information that can be easily replicated into a new board when created?

I can save the automations I need as a template, but these templates are blank and need to be populated with information including notify text, corresponding persons, status’s etc. which takes and incredibly long time.


Hi @JohnW and the rest of our community!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion. Great minds think alike – our development team is already working on allowing customers to set automation across an entire account. This feature is planned be part of the new workflow builder.

Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our customers care about the most. So keep the ideas coming because your feedback impacts hundreds of thousands customers who will enjoy this setting automations across accounts because of you.

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We’re going to implement an automation across many boards that does the exact same thing. I would like to create the automation once and then be able to copy, move or somehow deploy it to many other boards.

To do this I might create the automation once, then select it (like you select a pulse on a board), and get the wysiwyg that allows me to move or copy something.

Perhaps as an admin I might also have a view of all automations in my account and be able from an admin view to choose an automation and copy, move, delete them.

@TIMS-Crystal Agree.

Feel free to add your vote to this similar existing feature request:


I have several project boards in different folders with the same column names. When I implement a new automation I really need to be able to copy that to other boards.



This would be the best. Along with copying columns. I have to remake so many columns and automation’s just to try out new work flows. It’s so repetitive.

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This is necessary if you want to work with bigger companies. I can’t be bothered to create 50 different automations over 100 times on different boards.


Hi all!

We can definitely hear where you’re coming from and I’ve already gone ahead and passed this feedback along to our Autopilot Team regarding this! It definitely sounds like a powerful feature that could benefit many teams using our platform!


Hi Has there been any update on this? We would really like to copy automations across boards to save time.

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+1 for this feature request.

We are working with over 300 boards were-off probably 75% are created via a template. I am aiming to have a similar workflow in those 75%, but with a slight change due to a new feature from Monday or an internal work-process change I find myself updating a lot of boards which costs me way too much time.

Because of this small differences between boards start to happen and differences in work-processes start to happen as well; in one board you do get a notification when status change to Immediate, in the other you don’t. In one board you will be unassigned when status change into Done, in the other you don’t. In one board there is an extra status column in the other there isn’t. This is very confusing for team members if you are trying to get into the same workflow.

Therefor I am seeking for any timesaving feature to be able to keep the boards as much as the same as possible. This feature would help a lot for that.
Another feature request which I think will be a perfect supplement on this one is Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards). This wold let you adda new automation to the MASTER board and it would add it to all the connected boards. This will keep all the boards the same and would make sure you don’t have to manually copy paste the new automation into a lot of other boards. What do you think?

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It would be so useful to be able to save a bunch of automations and copy them in another similar bord.

Centralized template management is coming later in Q1 for Enterprise accounts: Screen+Recording+2021-01-08+at+

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