Anyone using to track EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

I would love to see how you have built it out for Annual Planning, Quarterly Rocks, Tasks, Scorecard, Level 10 Agenda, etc.


We are starting the EOS to implementation process as well Atticus and I would love some veterans to chime in

Atticus, Did you find your way?

Did not! We are still using Excel to track EOS. Works fine but they don’t talk to eachother the way they could in Want to collaborate on building some boards?

Yes! I would love to collaborate on this. I think others would find it helpful as well. my email is - Feel free to reach out directly, be sure to introduce yourself in the first email.

Hi @Atticus & @colleen928 :wave:

This sounds like a really interesting use case.
We’d love to help you with this! Feel free to share with us a little more context on what you’re looking to set up and we’d be happy to make any suggestions.

If not we’d love to see the outcome of your collaborative board building, as it sounds like this could be hugely helpful for other users too!



Hi @Atticus & @colleen928 - I would also love to follow along with your progress on this. I would be happy to help you put together a set of templates to share with the community if you like when you are done. :slight_smile:

@Dani @PolishedGeek Great! We are having a call this week to scope out what we’re trying to accomplish. We’ll circle back with both of you with our plan and would welcome any insights or guidance!

Hi @Atticus

Thanks for coming back to me! Sounds great!
Look forward to seeing what you create :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Hi all,

Love what you’re working on here. Our company is looking to use Monday for our EOS processes as well. I would love for you to continue updating the thread, or if you need any input I would be happy to provide it. Excited for this!!!

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Hi Michael-
We are partnering with another company interested in this effort. We have had two planning calls and are planning a third meeting in December (and hoping a team member can join us for some guidance.) Can we loop you in after that? Might have more direction at that point.

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Hi again @Atticus!

Glad to hear you’re making some progress on this :smiley:

Feel free to message me privately and we would be happy to see how we can assist from our side with any guidance you might need!



We are also interested in building eos tracking in Monday.

Great! We are in progress on co-developing with another company and then are circling up w Monday to troubleshoot. Maybe next step after that is review w a couple of interested companies and some beta-testing? @colleen928

Will do. I think we’re close to the time when we’d love input from you. @colleen928

Sounds great @Atticus! :smiley:

I’m also trying to set up an EOS scorecard in Monday and finding it very difficult. I’d love to see what you come up with @atticus!

Hey all. I think I also asked about this a while back. Due to the way recurring tasks work elegantly in Clickup!, this was fairly easy to achieve there. On Monday, I ran out of time to do this but would love to ‘freeload’ if someone else get’s it all working. The challenge, if I recall, was getting the L10 notes and to-dos to carry forward week to week since Monday doesn’t really have a native recurring tasks.

Hey @mchinsky :wave:

If by “ran our of time” you mean that your trial expired, you can always contact and request a trial extension to help give you a bit more time to play around with everything!

As for recurring tasks, we do have ways for you to set them up as needed! Check out this article for more details:

You can also always use an Automation that will push the due date of an item by a week when it’s reached so that it keeps all of the original updates section notes, etc. but with a new due date:

Otherwise, we’d love to hear what you’ve come up with @Atticus!


Excited to see this thread. I would love to get together with anyone that is moving this forward. What would be even better though is if developed a template :slight_smile: