API 2023-10 Office Hour- Register now!

Hi monday devs :sunglasses:

In our last event we got multiple questions about the new API version. So we decided to conduct a dedicated office hour about this on Aug 31st.

The content will be practical tips about the migration. The things we will cover:

  • New features in version 2023-10
  • Explanation of the breaking changes
  • How to switch between versions
  • How to migrate your apps — for product developers and account admins
  • Examples of what to update and how
  • Common roadblocks and their solutions

The most exciting part is that all of that will be explained and demonstrated by @dipro who is known for his explanation skills (he once won the local grandma test - he explained to his grandma over dinner how to use the monday API :woman_technologist:t2:)

Want to be part? Register here.

Aug 31, 10am EST :bulb: