API connection in Power Query to Monday.com


I have used the following API connection in power query for one of our boards successfully:
Key = “xx”,
Board = “xx”,
Source = Web.Contents(
#“Authorization”=“Bearer " & Key
Content=Text.ToBinary(”{““query””: ““query { boards(ids: " & Board & “) { items { name, updated_at, group { title }, columns: column_values { title, text } } } }””}”)
Data = Table.FromList(Json.Document(Source)[data][boards]{0}[items], Record.FieldValues, {“Title”, “UpdatedAt”, “Group”, “Columns”}),
#“Monday” = Table.FromRecords(Table.TransformRows(Data, each
List.Accumulate([Columns], [
Title = [Title],
UpdateDate = [UpdatedAt],
Group = [Group][title]
], (state, current) => Record.AddField(state, current[title], current[text]) )

Now when I try and change the board to another one with the same query it times out. Is there some difference in the boards or the query to make this work?

Thanks for your help

Hello there @shunter and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

Our server will show a timeout if the requested data can not be retrieved within 60 seconds.

You can use pagination as explained here to retrieve the information in smaller batches of data.

Let us know how that goes!