API Doc Access Inactive

I cannot access the developer docs. I was looking up a mutation, then the browser refreshed
and routed me to https://api.developer.monday.com/inactive.

Any thoughts?

11 hours later and I’m still getting this screen. Had set aside time today to work on API’s —any updates on this?

Still no access to the API. Has Monday.com made any statement somewhere ?

@Matias.Monday any update?

@dipro any news from the dev team?

Hello there!

We are having a technical issue with the API documentation. It is under investigation and should be resolved soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could this be why our webhooks (zapier) are not being triggered? @Matias.Monday

It seems to be back up and running.

Hello there!

@frankp this is not related to any issues with Zapier. Please contact the Zapier’s support team if you are having issues with the platform.

If they ask for any information on our end, please contact as at appsupport@monday.com


@Matias.Monday it was different issue. All webhook automations are disconnected when a project is archived and immediately unarchived. Created quite the headache.