API errors this morning

Within the last couple of hours, I’m seeing errors associated with API calls.

apiUrl = “https://api.monday.com/v2

<Response [403]>

I have verified my token is correct, and the same query works in the API playground correctly. Is there something going on?

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We are having similar issues as of at least 11:10 Eastern.

Good to know its not just me.

Same here and have been for maybe 30 minutes.

@AlexSavchuk & @Helen,

Can you confirm that you are at least aware of this?

Same here, can’t connect my Zapier to Monday.com

I have received a response from monday support confirming that they are aware of the issue.

For those who are not aware (I wasn’t) you can subscribe to updates regarding monday systems issues/status here: monday Status


Thank you everyone for your patience!

Yes, as @JCorrell mentioned, we’re currently experiencing a bit of a down time with regards to our API and automations/integrations as stated on our status page.

We will be back up shortly.

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