API feature request - date values include additional fields

When returning a date value, today it returns “date” and “time” fields in the value, could the following “offset”, “time_zone”, “iso8601”, fields be added on DateValue?

The ideal format for working with dates is ISO 8601 format: 2023-08-15T21:36:12Z since one string encapsulates the entirety of the date value and explicitly declares a time zone.

The primary reason for this request is its obvious the API servers are already getting the time zone details to create the text field (on API 2023-07 at least, sounds like there is a bug in 2023-10 where text is now returning as UTC - this is going to break some things for us too).

A bonus would be a field that includes the users date and time format strings i.e. MMM d, YYYY and hh:mm or HH:mm (based on the token) for how they have dates set to display in the Web UI. This way we can ensure we format dates to match their settings.

Hello there @codyfrisch,

I have created a request for this :grin:

Thanks for the feedback!