Api feature request: expose user.time_format & date_format

Expose user.time_format (12h/24h) and user.date_format (January 12, 2023 / 12 January, 2023) so we can know what format the user prefers for integrations. This is accessible to UI apps via the context object, but for integrations, we do not have access to this information which limits our ability to format date strings according to the users preferences.


Hello there @codyfrisch

I have created a request towards this!

Thank you for the feedback!!!



I see that user.timeFormat is now available in app context, but date format preference (or a monday.execute sdk function) would be helpful.

I’ll use javascript’s Intl.DateTimeFormat with users language and country code from context for now.


Yes, and its unfortunate this isn’t available by API as well because even monday’s own integrations like gmail don’t have access to this setting and cannot format dates in emails in accordance to user preferences so they just seem to stick to US standard formats.

Hey @Matias.Monday,

would you be so kind to share a link to the request for this issue? I would love to keep track of the progress on this because we would like to use the date format preference of the users as well.

Thank you so much.

Hello there @JuliaCam and welcome to the community!

This request is in an internal board for the R&D team. It is not publicly available.

If it gets implemented, it will be announced here :grin:


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@Matias.Monday Thanks for the info & the warm welcome. :blush:

Happy to help @JuliaCam !!