API for creating updates on items with html formatting

Good day.

I am using the API to create items on a board and then create an update on that item and this is all working as expected.

The problem that I am experiencing is that I am trying to send the update as formatted html and I am finding that some of the css styles seem to be stripped from the update that I am sending through.

As an example it seems that the border and width tags are stripped from the inline style but the height is being allowed through. I also noticed that on td elements the rowspan attribute is being stripped off.

I am assuming that these are not allowed so I was wondering if there is a document indicating what html formatting is allowed/accepted.

If there is no restriction on html formatting then perhaps someone might be able to help me identify where I am going wrong.

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Hello there @james,

It is true that our API will sanitize some things and because of that, they might not go through.

We do not have a document that specifies what exactly is accepted or not, but I will share this with our technical writer so that it can be taken into account and hopefully added in the near future :grin:



Thank you for the prompt response - looking forward to the the document when it becomes available


Any updates here?

Hello there,

We do not have such a document now and I do not have an ETA on when it could be here.