API for fetching app installs events

This request comes from a fear of missing webhooks for app install/subscription events which are not currently retried or fetchable at a later date.

Whilst retries on the webhooks would go some way to making things more reliable, it would be even better to be able to fetch the same information but from the graphQL API.

This change would allow developers to periodically fetch webhooks and backfill any missed events for a much more reliable means to keep our CRMs/databases in sync with reality.

I believe this would also benefit from the addition of an “event id” which is unique to each webhook that is sent to make it easier to know which events have already been processed. Using the event timestamp could also be possible (can be used as a high water mark in the developer CRM app), if they are guaranteed to be monotonic, but I am not clear if that is the case at the moment.

Hello there @benhowes,

Is this what you need?


Thanks for pointing this out @Matias.Monday! It goes about half way to meeting what I am asking for because it does not contain subscription info as far as I can tell? (I am aware you can query the subscription info from within the context of an installed app)

This also looks like you get a snapshot of the current state, rather than being able to get a list of events which would let you get historical state too.

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Hey Ben, want to learn a bit more about why you need this API. Can you give me an example of a time you needed the event history? AKA, where getting the current state of installs is not enough?

About getting all your app’s subscriptions associated with installs – makes sense. We’ll make a note of it.

Hi Dipro, I think the underlying usecase is to be able to best understand churn of installs and track that over time as (hopefully) the app continues to improve.

Hi @Matias.Monday @dipro

I use the webhook events to activate, upgrade usage, remove user data, email them based on different lifecycle events the app server gets. Recently my server went 503 (service unavailable), and I ended up missing bunch of webhook events, it would be great to actually be able to fetch the missed webhooks somehow.



Thank you for the feedback @YashGarg !!