API for Time track creation or modification

I kindly request the addition of an API feature that allows users to programmatically POST and update (PUT) Time Track entries while assigning them to specific team members or users. Currently, the Monday.com API provides robust functionality, but it lacks the ability to manage Time Track entries with assignments.

Use Case:

Our use case involves integrating a third-party time tracking application, which our team members use to record their time spent on various tasks. We want to automate the process of transferring this time tracking data into Monday.com, where it can be consolidated and analyzed alongside other project-related information.

Requested Functionality:

I propose the following key functionalities to be included in the API for Time Track entries:

  1. Create Time Track Entry: Allow users to create new Time Track entries via the API and specify the task, duration, date, and assignee.
  2. Update Time Track Entry: Enable users to update existing Time Track entries, including modifying the task, duration, date, and assignee.
  3. Assign to Specific Users: Implement the ability to assign Time Track entries to specific team members or users within the API request.

Thank you

Hello there @SaraG,

Thank you for that feedback! I have shared this with our team :grin: