API Group Archived Field: Am I doing this correctly?

I want to use the archived field in the groups query to pull values from the archives, returning True for those items. Maybe this is already possible and I’m not making the request correctly. Here’s my query, and the return:

The Query

query = """
    boards( ids: [ 2189432688 ] ) {
        groups {

The Return:

{'id': 'new_group13774', 'archived': False}
{'id': 'new_group98856', 'archived': False}
{'id': '1640901031_quizzes_sheet', 'archived': None}
{'id': 'new_group39838', 'archived': None}
{'id': 'new_group44627', 'archived': None}
{'id': 'new_group84053', 'archived': None}

The Field Description for Archived says Whether the group is archived or not, but I’m only seeing False and None. My guess is the None values are for groups which have never been archived?

Anyway, it would really help some of our backend automations if we could see into the archives for a particular board and view archived groups. Thanks so much!