API items_by_column_values query with column_type

I’m curious about the functionality of the column_type argument in the items_by_column_values query.

My hope was to be able use it to run a query like "return all the items that include a people type column where the value is me". I see that column_id is a required argument for the items_by_column_values query and thus don’t really get what the purpose of the column_type argument could be?

Also, would be great to know if the type of query I wrote above is possible in some other way.


Hi @eidan, welcome to our community!

Great question. IMHO, I think that the column_type argument is a little redundant. At this time, the items_by_column_values() method only supports searching one column by one column value at a time.

If you were looking to search through multiple People columns, I would definitely recommend making multiple queries to retrieve these items!

Also going to submit this as feedback for our team so that hopefully we will be able to support searching multiple columns with multiple values at a time.


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