API Location Update added, BUT still can't retrieve location data?

@Helen - As of today, the Location column was updated in the API - THANKS FOR THAT…

But for some reason when I retrieve an item, the location data is blank.
I’ve seen some items work … and location is there… but i just tested now… and inserted a location inside the Monday app, and then did a GQL call, and it’s blank.

Have you seen this issue before?

My GQL call:

                column_values {

My Response:

  +"id": "1062072762"
  +"name": "test 2"
  +"column_values": array:37 [
    0 => {#322
      +"id": "subitems"
      +"text": ""
    1 => {#309
      +"id": "person"
      +"text": ""
    2 => {#319
      +"id": "type"
      +"text": ""

    27 => {#344
      +"id": "location"
      +"text": ""


Hi @timxiber,

Of course! I’m glad to hear you were looking forwards to the location column being supported in our API.

Regarding what you’re seeing on your end-- I actually just tested this out myself and was not able to reproduce. Are you still seeing issues with this?

What happens if you query the values field of column_values?


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