API: Move Group to board?

I searched the community and found a few posts from over a year ago requesting API functionality to move groups from board to board. There was some suggestion that this feature was being repeatedly requested and might be added, but all forum posts have since closed, and there is no new information in the documentation . Just wondering if there was any forward motion on this, and if was possibly added but not yet documented… or even in the works. Since the function exists in the Web UI, I’d expect it to also exist in the API, so I’m surprised it doesn’t.

Right now my only solution is to rebuild each group, item by item, on the target board, and then delete the original group from the source board. This is, obviously, cumbersome… and VERY slow.

Hello there @beninsler!

This has not been implemented as of today.

Having said that, I will add your vote to the request :slightly_smiling_face:



I just asked Monday about this exact thing a couple days ago