API Pagination Missing metadata in result

I have few comments on the Monday GraphQL API especially on the Pagination:
You supply the option to add limit and page number but in the response you don’t add this metadata which in my opinion is a must to implement a good Pagination mechanism.

In this solution you constrain developer to make always an extra call and on each call to deserialize and check the response to understand if there is more to fetch.
Also it is kind strange to support only limit in certain queries - why some take limits and other take limit + page ?

You can check other large tools (like Github for i.e.) they always return in the response some metadata to improve the iterations on large pages.


Hey @jgafner :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to us with feedback about your experience paginating through our APi’s response! My warmest welcome to the community as well, I hope you enjoy your stay.

To be transparent with you, I’m afraid we do not currently provide the metadata you are looking for, but I definitely understand how this would be helpful when developing your app. I’ve passed the feedback along to our product team as an improvement suggestion, but I can’t guarantee an ETA just yet, as we do need to prioritize this improvement in our iterations.

I appreciate your input into making the monday.com API better! I’ve also moved this topic to the Feature Requests section so other developers can add their voice to this improvement point.


Thanks @AlexSavchuk for the quick reply.

Just wanted to add that I guess you are doing similar logic with complexity fragment, when adding the complexity to the request we do get some metadata on the current requests status so maybe it is not that hard to add it there or to some new similar option.

Anyway thanks again

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Thanks for adding on to the request :slight_smile: I appreciate your patience and understanding, as well as willingness to make the implementation easier for us.

As soon as we get any kind of update on this improvement, I’ll be glad to share it within our API changelog, as well as in this thread.